make Roast fund itself - how it works

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make Roast fund itself - how it works

Roast Fond is easy to prepare.

Gravy - a simple recipe

  1. To make the simple Fond for your roast itself, you should first wash the meat and bone dry.
  2. Then clean and peel the vegetables and cut it into small pieces.
  3. Heat the oil now in the pan and fry the meat bones sharply therein, then enter the vegetables added, which also let fry. then seasoning the rear for your roast as you desire with pepper and the salt.
  4. Sprinkle also the paprika to the pan and stir frequently the most mentioned ingredients to.
  5. In this step, you pour some water on it, so that the coating which has been formed on the pan base dissolves. Stir diligently, so that the pan contents reduced. Approximately four to five times you should repeat the process with the water so that the bones are thereby completely covered with water.
  6. Let finally again reduce the Fund for the roast in half by frying. Then take a sieve and pour the pan contents into a vessel.
  7. Now you can pour the foundation for the roast in freezer containers or - to have it easier to - take an ice cube tray, so you can use the fund for the roast will.

Gravy with roast prepare - Instructions

  1. First, you peel the onion, the garlic and the carrots well, if you prefer to prepare the refined Fond for the roast.
  2. Then cut the carrots into large slices and cut the onions into quarters.
  3. Then enter the mentioned ingredients with the oil together in a roasting pan and fry them sharply. Then enter directly the tomato paste added, which you fry.
  4. Halve the grapes and add them now also in the rear, where you can prepare for the roast. Then pour the wine and also the broth into the roasting pan. Boil everything short and intense. Then spice it all over with salt and pepper and place the roast, which you want to prepare in the rear, also in the roasting pan.
  5. Now you can slide the roasting pan in the oven and the ingredients can cook each other for so long that the roast is cooked.
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