make room fragrance itself

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make room fragrance itself

A pleasant interior perfume creates a very special atmosphere.

Making Liquid room perfume

  1. For the liquid Raumduft They produce a mixture of alcohol, water and a fragrance oil. First you mix this own fragrance oil. Base of the fragrance oil should be odorless and colorless oil. For particularly jojoba or almond oil is suitable. These are available in your local pharmacy or online.
  2. Mince good smelling plant parts of your choice, for example, rose petals, lavender or rosemary. It should be plant parts that already contain an essential oil.
  3. Boil together briefly at the crushed leaves with the oil. Thus the essential oil is released and goes to the carrier oil on.
  4. Fill in the resulting liquid into a dark bottle and leave to stand this one week. Then you can even be used cooked fragrance oil.
  5. Mix together now 10 percent alcohol, 90 percent water and 10 drops of your fragrance oil. Ready is your own air freshener!

You can distribute this in space by filling it in a powered by tealight aroma lamp or a diffuser. Use it as an air freshener in a small spray bottle or enter it in a fragrance dispenser with bamboo sticks. If you do not want to wait for your homemade scented oil, you can use each purchased Essential Oil.

make scented candles himself

  1. For the production of scented candle, melt wax residue wax or lenses from the craft store in a water bath until they become liquid.
  2. In the hot wax then fill a few drops of your fragrance oil and stir it around well. Use it always an oil without artificial additives, otherwise they will be released during the burning of the candle in the room.
  3. Do you want to make your candle color, stir an additional bit color candles. But be careful! Here, less is more.
  4. Attach a wick in a candle form and pour the flavored wax into it. Then the candle must rest in the fridge and firmly.

And there you have prepared your own room scent that emerges in your bedroom romantic candlelight!

create room fragrance of baking soda

For a home fragrance of baking soda you need a mason jar, baking powder and a carrier for your favorite fragrance.

  1. Fill in the baking powder in the jar. Do not add lavender, cinnamon sticks and orange peel, rose petals or something similar. Support the scent of the plant parts with a matching fragrance oil, which enter on the baking soda.
  2. Close the jar with a plastic wrap, in which you poke some holes. Beautiful as cling film is a small doilies.
  3. Attach the film or doily with a beautiful decorative band. Whenever you shake the jar, it gives off a pleasant smell.

Cost alternatives

To change your home fragrance, the instructions you are too costly or the procurement of ingredients too expensive? Then there are a few very easy and cost-effective alternatives.

  • Peel of citrus fruits such as lemons or oranges give off a wonderful invigorating scent. Place the dishes in the heating season on your heating, the smell spread throughout the room. However, the dishes keep for a few days.
  • Sprinkle a few sheets of toilet paper with a fragrance oil and cut them. If you then be absorbed by the vacuum cleaner, this is the next sucking from the scent to your home. This holds until you change the bag.
  • Drop your favorite perfume on a light bulb or energy saving bulb. If the bulb hot, the smell for a few days distributed in your home.
  • Crush lemon grass and knock it soft. In a bowl on the coffee table, it spreads its fresh scent.

What use a room fragrance?

  • Room perfumes to create a pleasant atmosphere. For in addition means brightness and room temperature and the smell of your home plays a big role. It decides whether you feel good or not. A simple example illustrates this: Do you have a big appetite when you open the refrigerator door and proposes to receive a bad smell?
  • Smells have a major impact on our well being and our mood. So the smell of lavender is relaxing. It goes well for rooms where you want to rest. He offers the ideal balance between a hectic life.
  • Citrus scents and blends of bergamot invigorating and are suitable for example for the living room or study.

A separate room fragrance is made quickly. The own production of a fragrance oil is worth. It is versatile in scented candles, liquid room perfumes and oil burners. Create a unique atmosphere and give each room in your home for royalty fragrance.

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