make rosehip tea itself - so you can mix it with other fruits

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make rosehip tea itself - so you can mix it with other fruits

Rose hips contain plenty of vitamin C.

A healthy drink: Hagebuttentee. Due to its high content of vitamin C will help rosehip - especially during the cold season - in boosting your immune system.

Hagebuttentee - so make him forth

Autumn comes, the rose hips ripen: Harvest time. Do you want to make your Hagebuttentee this year itself, then let's go.

  1. Harvest initially the ripe red fruits of the wild rose.
  2. Wash your harvest thoroughly.
  3. Remove small leaves and stem approaches.
  4. Cut the rose hip and remove the seeds carefully.
  5. Mince now the shell (with rosehip meat) in which it - cut into pieces - with a knife.
  6. Done? Laying Then distribute the pieces on a baking sheet.
  7. Slide the tray into the oven.
  8. Dry the pieces now - for about 60 minutes - show at 40 degrees Celsius.

That's it: Finish your tea. For a cup of healthy infusion beverage you will need about two teaspoons, the dried rose hips. About Pour the dried pieces with boiling water and let the whole thing for about 10 minutes drag. Try out how you liked your tea is best, and adjust the dosage accordingly.

make fruit mixes for making hot drinks himself

Now that you know how quickly and easily you can make rosehip tea itself, you can worry about more (delicious and fruity) teas. Dry your favorite fruits and mix them with your homemade rosehip tea - or enjoy your fruit "pure".

  • Make a natural fruit. You can to combine different types of fruit - or stay with your favorite variety.
  • Dry the peels of apples and pears are. Make sure that the fruit is untreated.
  • Best suited are also cherries and all kinds of berries. Ideally, you can grow the fruit in your own garden is.
  • Proceed as in the preparation of Hagebuttentees. Wash the fruits. Optionally, remove seeds and chop the fruit before it dry in the oven.
  • Think of the temperature. You may never dry too hot fruit. Temperatures around 50 ° C are sufficient.
  • Drying time depends on the size and water content of the selected type of fruit and is (on average) 60 minutes. Check in between every once again how dry the fruits are already.
  • Now you can mix with your Hagebuttentee The dried fruits. The mixing ratio is a matter of taste. Feel free to experiment a bit - so you can quickly find out what mix you'll like most.
  • The finished tea mixture can be stored for example in sealed cans or jars. Store the tea cool and dry, it is at least one year if stored.

By the way: If you rid your rosehips from the cores, then you do it better be careful. The small (common) cores can cause an unpleasant itching. Who is sensitive, which should wear gloves.

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