make screen printing itself

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make screen printing itself

For screen printing you need fabric paint.

To make a silk screen itself

Wear given in all steps gloves and work in a well-ventilated area. Remember that you surrounded with chemicals that can be toxic under certain circumstances.

  1. The frame size, you need to make a print itself, is calculated from the size of the subject that you want to print. Convert at the edges around the subject again added 10 cm to the frame. Stringing the stretcher in the right size with the screen mesh. Cut the fabric so that it protrudes a few centimeters over the edge, and staple it in place. Tighten it strong enough so that it does not curl.
  2. If you ever use-used but clean screen printing fabric, you need to degrease it. When new tissue of this step is omitted. Flatten the fabric with the degreaser a, let it sit for a few minutes and then rinse it with water. A Pressure Washer helps.
  3. Mix to the light-sensitive emulsion. Given mix the base emulsion with the liquid activator in the ratio 1: 1. Be sure to mix only as much emulsion as you need.
  4. Next, the screen is coated with light-sensitive emulsion. You should perform this operation in a dark room with red light or at least subdued lighting. Insert the wire in a cleared area and enter with a spoon a little emulsion on it.
  5. Distribute the emulsion with the blade from both sides, until the screen is front and back surface covered with emulsion. At the end, no more excess emulsion should be located on the fabric.
  6. Allow to dry the emulsion in the dark. You can do a small darkroom of wipes build, in which you provide a heater. Let the screen dry, preferably overnight.
  7. Next, the screen with the master is exposed. Make sure that your artwork on a normal paper is possible black and opaque. Prepare the glass table and place the construction lights at a distance of 50 cm below the glass plate.
  8. Insert the master normally (not a mirror image!) On the glass plate and place the strainer over. Again, ensure that the subject has enough space to frame. When you print multiple motives, they should also have each other enough distance. Then put on the screen a number of books, so that everything rests and that no gaps.
  9. Turn on the construction lights. The exposure time is about 25 minutes. Too long exposure is not as bad as too short. Therefore wait quiet a little longer.
  10. Now wash off the unexposed emulsion. For this, take either a high-pressure cleaner and a basin or a normal shower head and a sponge. Moisten the screen first and wash the emulsion carefully after a few minutes.
  11. Let the screen dry overnight. They should be stored in the dark, because the emulsion might otherwise burn right and is more difficult to remove later if you want to use the screen a second time from now.
  12. Now you can print to the screen. Slide into the shirt or the fabric to be printed a piece of cardboard or a wooden board. Make sure that the fabric is smooth, and set the screen on it. Glue possibly other subjects near on the same wire with insulation tape.
  13. Enter with a spoon color on one side of the subject on - where the screen is not permeable. The color should cover the entire length of the subject. Swipe the blade the color a little pressure and only a train on the subject.
  14. Raise the sieve from the fabric and allow it to dry the fabric. Ironing it afterwards on the left to lock the subject.
  15. If you want to use your screen again, you can use the emulsion using strippers remove. Wear it necessarily gloves and enter the stripper with a sponge on the screen on. Leave it a few minutes to take effect and then rinse it with the high pressure cleaner. Degrease the screen after as indicated above.

Enjoy Yourself your first screen printing!

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