make Spanish table decoration itself - how it works with tulle

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make Spanish table decoration itself - how it works with tulle

Spanish table decoration fast even make Katrin_Schulze / Pixelio

Prepare the Spanish table decoration

The fiery Spain is placed anywhere with the colors red and black in combination. Therefore, should at your table setting these colors predominate.

  1. Measure your table lengthwise from, at a round table, measure the diameter. Then cut off the appropriate length of your black tulle. This is then the runner.
  2. Now place the red construction paper in front of him on the table. Place the high candlestick to the edge of the box and cut as twice the size of.
  3. Set the candlesticks then on the table and wrap each candlestick with Tonkarton. The overlapping sides stick firmly with an adhesive.
  4. In order to bring the Spanish flair expressed even more, cut small strips of black tulle and glue them with glue in the lower third of the now red candlestick firmly.
  5. Insert red candles in the candlestick.
  6. For the Spanish table decoration you should also use red napkins. Roll them easy on and tie it centered with black velvet ribbons together, so that they remain in this position.

Arrange the elements of the table decoration on the table

  1. Cover the table with a red tablecloth.
  2. Put cross on the table the tulle-runner.
  3. On the table runner, assign at least three candlesticks evenly.
  4. If you have placed the plates and glasses on the table, put on the plate, the Spanish napkins.
  5. Any Tüllreste left, cut about 10 cm by 10 cm squares out. Take a square and tighten it slightly to a narrow strip. Now tie a knot. This results in little bows that you can still put randomly on the table as a table decoration.

Now you need in addition to a typical Spanish meal only one Spanish red wine and good Spanish music.

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