make speech topping memorable

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make speech topping memorable

By topping large construction progress are celebrated.

Write speech - general advice welcome

In general, the speech at the ceremony by the client is spoken. If it is the construction of a larger project, such as a kindergarten, this task can be even taken the mayor and the architect or.

  • One of the elementary components of your speech is the welcome of the guests. Here it is particularly important that you forget anyone. Make sure that, before writing a list of all guests.
  • If you do not know individual guests by name or many guests come, it is better when you welcome them not individually, but combine them together into groups of guests. To welcome about the residents or neighbors, architects, construction workers and possibly present also Administrations and association representatives. If you specifically address the highest ranking member of the respective group of guests, you can not go wrong.
  • Another variation is the order of the guest by the alphabetical order, so start now with the local residents. Significantly elegant but embedding the welcome in the speech itself. So if you praise the creative design, welcome the architect, if you talk about the construction noise, talk to the neighbors. In this way you will distribute all guests equally in your speech, no one feels excluded.
  • The Welcoming guests connect with thanks. Often an apology is in order, for example, if the neighbors had to endure a lot of construction noise and dirt. Ask for more patience and forbearance for the further construction process. Thank the artisans for their cooperation in rain, snow or shine. The architect thank for his extraordinary the most creative design.

Topping celebrate - ideas and possible text modules

Especially for homebuilders The topping is a poignant moment, do not shy away from nostalgic or emotional moments. This will make your address unique and memorable.

  • Bring your pride on the previously rendered performance expressed. Describe difficulties in the course of building the house, tell your big dream of owning a home. Maybe you want to start a family here or live together with their parents?
  • Look into the past, how did it all start? Describe the way from design to shell, then make her a reference to the present and the topping. What successes can be reached in the new home? Are the new rooms a place for education, animals or big ideas? Finally, look to the future. Make out the house as a haven of well-being, figurehead of the resort or historical event.
  • With matching sayings, quotations and linguistic images bring your main message to the point: "We made it (almost) and it was worth it." Look for aphorisms on building, handicraft or house. Perhaps you know an appropriate song that you can cite "House Magic" by Johannes Trojan or "Congratulations" by Joseph von Eichendorff also on offer. Even the famous quote from Cartoon Builder Bob fits the purpose: "Yo, we can!"
  • For larger buildings, you should insist on the importance of the house for the people and the community. What will change from an economic and social point of view? Maybe a place to meet, the education or the hope was created?

After the actual speech you pass to the carpenter, this will bless the verdict your house and living in it inhabitants.

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