make updo itself - so it'll work with short hair

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make updo itself - so it'll work with short hair

Updos succeed even with short hair.

Assuming your hair is not too short, you can make updos itself even with short hair. If no hair length for pinning up yet, because you are wearing a very short haircut, the pinning up but does not succeed.

Updo for short hair

  1. Comb through your hair.
  2. Take a single thin strand and turn them a few times in itself, but not too tight.
  3. Insert the strand where the roots are, to a beautiful Locke and fix this with one or two hairpins on the head.
  4. Proceed with all other hair in the same manner. Always make sure that you lay out the strand of hair where the hair growing out of his head.

Loose hairstyles make himself

Especially loose and wild updos work great selbermachen if you have short hair.

  • Wrap z. B. Her hair tresses, on and fix it so the head that look out the tips. This updo they may vary by make z. B. previously fine curls or big waves.
  • Do you have the same length short hair, your hair in the neck turn down and hide the hair ends under the hair. Use bobby pins to secure this noble updo head.
  • Are your hair too short, you can wrap it strand by strand and secure. Be sure that the appearance of a roll or wave.
  • You can thicken many small braids with Zopfgummis and pinning the hair then decorative. You can, for. Example, small parts forming and pinning them.
  • Or you can do something thicker braids and then place the hair in each case in all directions around the Zopfgummi and then secure it with bobby pins.
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