make wedding rings themselves - so enables unique creations

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make wedding rings themselves - so enables unique creations

Rings can also look creative.

Engagement rings made of wire and beads

From silver or gold wire and various stone, wood or porcelain beads you can make beautiful creations themselves. You can also buy souvenirs in the wedding bands weave, for example, small shells from a common beach walk. Choose to taste the wire that you like the most - ie silver or gold - with matching stones or pearls.

  1. Cut three to four pieces of wire handle, which are about twice as long as the circumference of your ring finger. Be generous, you can cut the wire at any time, but if you measure the pieces too short, you have to start from scratch.
  2. Now thread the stones or beads to the wires. Distribute these so that Step 3 gives a harmonious whole. Make sure that the stones and beads are only on the top half and not on the bottom.
  3. Interlacing you interlocking the wires with the beads. It is enough if you once by 180 ° two wires together.
  4. Interlacing all wires together so that the wedding rings get the desired shape.
  5. Now some ends remain. This turn now all in one another, and the last pieces cut precisely handle to the right length to make them disappear in one of the beads.

make wooden rings itself

Wedding rings you can also make wood itself. Olive wood looks especially beautiful from because of the beautiful grain. You can decorate the timber with a small stone, if you want.

  1. Measure your ring finger and draw on a piece of olive wood in a circle with the appropriate diameter. The olive wood should be as thick as the ring is to be later wide.
  2. Saw out the shape. You must enter sawing forcibly into the ring, so it is at the end on the bottom open. You can either hide or use as a design element and beautiful molding.
  3. Edit the ring now with sandpaper until it is the desired shape.
  4. Sand down now with the finest sandpaper until the ring is soft.
  5. You can now drill into a small dent and glue a stone.
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