make Wickie costume itself

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make Wickie costume itself

Create A Wicky costume itself

Below you will find instructions on how to make your own Wickie costume itself.

"Vicky the Viking"

  • "Vicky the Viking" is a German-Austrian-Japanese children cartoon series, which was created in 1972 to 1974th The basis for the series were the Swedish children's books "Vickie Vicking" and "Runer Jonssen".
  • Vicky is not a typical Viking boy and lives with his parents in a small Viking village Flake. He is timid and not very strong, but it all convinced in the difficult situations with his special intelligence.

Making the costume itself

  • As a basis for the Selbermachen your Wickie costume you need a gray shirt and a gray fabric or jeans. Wear matching the pants and shirt dark boots. Ideally, you can put the pants in your boots. To boot, you can use a cord wrap each a piece of fur. The fake fur, you can typically purchase in various fabric shops.
  • You will also need a yellow cape or a fur vest for your Wickie costume. In the waist, you can fix the mantle or the fur vest using a dark brown belt.
  • To perfect the himself made Wickie costume, you still need to put the typical orange Wickie wig. These can be bought in carnival Store or the Internet.
  • As accessories you can wear a gray-golden Viking hat and an ax made of plastic. Both Viking accessories, the hat and the ax, you can also purchase in stores for Carnival needs.
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