make Wolf costume itself - so it goes

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make Wolf costume itself - so it goes

As dangerous as this wolf you will look with your wolf costume.

The creation of the Wolf costume - making itself is so

  1. Use best an old sweater. Ideally, you have even one who is a little too big.
  2. Cut the fur fabric into strips and paste the full sweater, the sleeves and the neck, using the double-sided tape to the strips. Continue this for as long until the sweater is completely gone under the fur dress.
  3. Dedicate now the headgear. The simplest method is here hochzustecken hair and cut a large triangle from the fabric. This fix to the hair, so that they are no longer visible.
  4. Create from the wire now the ears for your wolf costume. Draw this best big ears on cardboard, cut it out and wrap the wire around the Pappohren. Now remove the cardboard and you have made the wolf ears themselves.
  5. Attach strips of cloth on the ears until the wire is no longer visible.
  6. Pin the ears using hair clips or a hot glue gun to the head part.

The fine-tuning of the costume - it is unique

  1. The best way to attract black gloves on to your costume. Particularly mysterious it is, if you cut off the tips of his fingers and fix artificial nails on your fingers.
  2. Now you can make up your face even himself. To do this, use gray eyeshadow on your entire face. The eyes can be thick edge with black eyeliner. The eyebrows paint well as large and bushy on with black makeup.
  3. Perhaps you can find artificial fangs commercially. If not, then paint them just above and below your mouth. Make calm large teeth at carnival everything is allowed.
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