makeup Asian eyes - so manages an Indian makeup

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makeup Asian eyes - so manages an Indian makeup

easy reapplication An Indian makeup

To prepare your face for the Asian makeup

  1. Before you make up your face in the Asian look, you should first shape your eyebrows nice and pluck hairs regrowing.
  2. then clean your face and creams, this one with a day cream.
  3. Now you can cover imperfections and redness with a concealer, because you pat gently with the fingertips.
  4. Your makeup you wear best on a Auftrageschwämmchen and then the face is powdered, so a good primer for your Asian eye make-up arises.

To make up the eyes like an Indian

  1. First you must with a eyeshadow brush the golden eye shadow on your mobile eyelid. also drag just below the eyebrows a fine line with the same color.
  2. Now makeup with black eye shadow and a very fine tapered brush the outer exterior angle pointed upward. For a perfect eye make-up stick for a piece of adhesive on the lower lash line diagonally upwards. Now you are welcome to make up on the scotch and still produces a nice straight line.
  3. With a neutral brush you can blur the strict boundaries between the gold and black eye shadow carefully.
  4. Then enter a dark red eye shadow with a brush on the eyelid and smudge it then again with a neutral brush.
  5. The lower lash line, you make up in the inner corner of the eye also with the golden color and the outer angle with the black color.
  6. Now take a liquid black eyeliner on hand and wear this on the upper and lower lash line, so that your eyes look larger.
  7. You finish your indian makeup with a lot of black mascara and pink rouge on the cheeks.
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