making costumes for Carnival itself - so you will Michael Jackson

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making costumes for Carnival itself - so you will Michael Jackson

For Michael Jackson carnival costume recommendation include a hat.

Costume recommendation for Carnival - Michael Jackson's outfit

  • If you want to make Michael Jackson's outfit carnival itself and carry, so you should see a white (skintight) T-shirt coat for costume recommendation first, as is known from the King of Pop.
  • The black hair is a distinctive hallmark of Michael Jackson. Whether you but draw a wig with curls or a with straight hair, your individual taste is left. The King of Pop She wore initially curly, later finally smooth, which you should consider in your carnival costume recommendation also.
  • Also known is the glove of Michael Jackson. You should wear only one that is silver colored and decorated with sequins. So it looks really authentic.
  • A black leather pants or trousers also part of the right style of Michael Jackson, so you should fall back on it. Fits to select black slippers and white tennis socks. A leather jacket you can finally decorate still itself and make the outfit so completely.

Sparkling make Michael Jackson leather jacket itself

  1. To make the sparkling leather jacket Michael Jackson himself to complete the carnival costume Artist recommendation, you should just your imagination run wild and come up with a design for the leather jacket. but you can easily choose the name "Michael Jackson" and attach it to the studs. Alternatively, you can also easily decorate the seams of the jacket if the more to your taste.
  2. Now you bring itself the rivets using the riveting tongs on the leather jacket. Make it very carefully, because a rivet once been firmly stamped, so it is firmly seated. Are you satisfied with the design, then you can use the costume recommendation as Michael Jackson, what you want to do it yourself, now have your grand entrance.

Alternative to the 80s Michael Jackson costume

  • Would you rather the modern Michael Jackson embody and make this disguise itself, you should use for this carnival costume recommendation on a white shirt.
  • Fit, you can choose a black suit, if you want to imitate the star with the modern carnival costume recommendation.
  • Round off finally from this Michael Jackson carnival costume recommendation with a black wig, a black sunglasses and a surgical mask.

Already you are the modern King of Pop and have nothing more to do by yourself.

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