Making degreaser for the budget itself

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Making degreaser for the budget itself

Engage stubborn fat deposits with soapy water as degreaser to body.

Degreaser - easy to construct

To anticipate the same: Light grease contamination must not move with expensive household cleaners to the body, also degreaser, you can easily produce themselves, do in most cases, good service. But Schrubbarbeit the fatty degeneration surfaces you must already make itself!

  • The best degreaser are clearly soaps and surfactants. Means, make the dishes grease are also ideal for oily surfaces. Ask from soap or dishwashing soap suds ago. Given mix a sufficient amount of soap or the rinsing agent with some warm water, so that a homogeneous mixture is formed. Now fill this basic approach to hot water.
  • This degreaser Now edit the surfaces. This is best done with a Schrubbschwamm or brush. Complicated surfaces are easy to clean with an old tooth or dish brush. Soap the surfaces first, then scrub with the degreaser the greasy layer of fat down.
  • Rinse the surface with clean water and a sponge, so that no soap and grease residues remain on the surface. Dry the surfaces with a rag or old towel dry, so you can see traces of grease remaining equal and treat.
  • Particularly stubborn Fettverkrustungen you should soak before this soapsuds treatment with benzine. Important here is that you remove the cleaning solvent with the fat layer completely. Although the gasoline dissolves the fat, but then must immediately (!) be removed, otherwise it evaporates and leaves the dissolved fat again.
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