Making fragrance oil itself - Instructions

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Making fragrance oil itself - Instructions

The own fragrance oil to create is not difficult.

An easy way to produce fragrance oil itself

  1. Take several hundred grams of stems or flowers fragrant plants. Meet. The selection according to your personal taste
  2. Place the plant parts in odorless oil. Well suited and very skin-friendly is almond oil.
  3. Leave the mixture in the dark for some time to rest. The ratio of duration and intensity of scents, try out best, since each lug has different criteria.
  4. Try with the fragrance lamp, if the oil already secretes enough fragrance, if not, wait for some time.
  5. If the fragrance result is, sift, to remove the oil all coarse residue and fill it in small dunkelglasige vial.

Extraction of vegetable oils by distillation

  1. Obtain a small distillation plant. If you do well remember the chemistry class in school, you can also self-assemble such a facility for private use.
  2. In the complex steam solves the oily substrate of the particular plant.
  3. At the end of the distillation process, the mixture is condensed in a chilled receiver and the oily concentrate floats on the surface.
  4. Skim off the fragrance oil and fill it in a dark, sealable glass vessel.

Producing a fragrance oil of rose petals

  1. Melt coconut oil and pour it on a deep plate, so that the soil is completely covered.
  2. Once the fat has solidified, pull a knife crisscross grooves in the surface.
  3. Now insert the petals of a fragrant rose on it and cover everything with a second, equally large plate.
  4. Seal it off with masking tape or plastic wrap.
  5. After two days replace the withered petals with fresh. Repeat this about ten times.
  6. Remove the petals and cut the fragrant soaked fat into small cubes.
  7. Fill the cube in a glass bottle until it is half full. Fill the glass now with 60% alcohol on.
  8. Closing them the bottle airtight and set it to a dark place.
  9. Swing the vessel once a day and let the mixture draw about 12 weeks.
  10. Filter fill in the oil and in small vials.
  11. Give each a little tincture of benzoin to this fixes the fragrance which otherwise evaporate again soon.

You can dilute the fragrance oils made with almond, soy or olive oil and use for skin care, or they each take very small amounts of the extract to the bath water or in the aroma lamp and enjoy.

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