Making rabbit food itself - how it works

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Making rabbit food itself - how it works

Rabbit food should not be fertilized or sprayed.

Rabbits are herbivores, so the sole administration of dry food is not conducive to health. Often suffer rabbits that are fed with dry food, are overweight, as many varieties are too energetic. Make sure that the rabbit food and fresh water at all times available for free, so you force your rabbit not to hasty seizure. Does your rabbits indigestion, you should become thoroughly informed nutritional thoughts. In a Rohfasermangel could bloating or stomach ulcers and occur when only feeding straw constipation.

The perfect rabbit food

  • Through the gift of roughage, ie hay, the rabbit gets its necessary daily fiber content. Be careful with straw pellets, because this can lead to stomach blockage. The rabbit food should also have additional Nage material are mixed so that the rabbit is busy and thus eventual hair seizure is prevented. For optimum tooth abrasion located branches are with leaves of maple, linden and willow. Bread you should avoid because it contains too much starch. Also from the administration of limestone should be avoided due to the high concentration of calcium.
  • For perfect rabbit food naturally includes fresh forage. Keep your rabbit on the lawn, you should make sure that this was not fertilized and other animals have this not being used as a toilet. Of course, the lawn should not lie directly on a busy street also. Healthy herbs are parsley and chamomile and sage and dandelion. Note, however well on what is growing in the meadow, because rabbits also eat poisonous plants such as autumn crocus and buttercups. Culinary herbs you can offer fresh or dried.
  • Rabbit food should always consist of fresh vegetables. Here carrots are very good. Enter not only the fruit but also the herb. In addition, a little cucumber, fennel or celery. Bioproducts contain fewer pesticides, so they are preferable. Dried vegetables should not be fed because it swells in the stomach and also has high sugar content. Constipation and the tendency to yeasts in the gut may result.
  • Oilseeds and nuts are not part of everyday rabbit food. They are high in fat and should be very rarely given. Shelled sunflower seeds and linseed can be fed to supplement the required fatty acids in small amounts. Because fruit contains a lot of sugar, should this occur only in very small amounts in rabbit food. This should however absolutely previously washed well, because the intake of pesticides can lead to poisoning.
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