Making the English placement test - how it works online

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Making the English placement test - how it works online

Test your language skills online easy. Gerd_Altmann / Pixelio

But just for educational and professional qualifications further, it may be necessary to improve their language skills. Thanks to the internet it is quite easily possible to determine their own actual skills with an English placement test, so that you can go into a suitable language course your level thereafter.

Language schools usually offer placement tests for English at

  • In the Prisma language school, you can test your language level. In this online test you can select different levels. You can choose between three basic stages or the test for the intermediate and advanced. After you answer the questions asked just as many as possible.
  • The detailed and meaningful test evaluation You will then be sent via email after you once get advertising. But the test is also free.
  • Another online test you can perform on the side of the language school Inlingua. Open the Links menu for the menu item "The inlingua Success Factors" and then select the item "placement test" from.
  • You can also get a good overview of your current knowledge. The test questions here consist of 3 parts. There are multiple-choice questions, a self-assessment and then a range of courses. The whole process takes about 40 minutes.

Then usually follows a targeted courses

  • The classification is usually objectively and accurately so that you can select the additional training measures for good.
  • Of course, you said language schools also offer specifically tailored to your skills courses. But you can even compare prices.

Most community colleges also offer at any time, the possibility to take a placement test. In addition, you can visit the websites of various publishing houses that offer as Klett and Langenscheidt literature for language learning. Here also placement tests for English are usually offered.

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