Manifest and latent - Declaration

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Manifest and latent - Declaration

Here is definitely against a manifest disease.

This means latent

The word comes from the Latin latent. The Latin verb latere means "be hidden". The participle is to latens, latentis, in German from the adjective is latent.

  • The term means as in Latin, that something is still hidden, not obvious, hidden or disguised. A disease can latently exist, for example: In a latent cold are almost no symptoms. Some diseases have also after an initial symptom stage a latency on, ie a period without symptoms before the disease breaks out again then.
  • Latent is also sometimes used as a moderating adjective in the vernacular. Someone, for example, latent violent or latent unsound. Here the word can also be used ironically.

Declaration manifest

  • Manifest is the exact opposite of latent. Here is some clear, distinct, strongly represented. A disease may be manifest, for example, this means that it is clear which disease is present, and the person concerned is most symptoms. So it is the clear, obvious outbreak.
  • If manifests something, discloses or shows it clearly. So something abstract can manifest in a tangible phenomenon, such as the national debt in the high unemployment rate. If someone manifests something, he wants to express something, show: Somebody wants to manifest a hunger strike to protest his political circumstances, therefore substantiate it were.
  • Even the French manifesto describes a font, in the clear stand is taken, ie a policy statement. The word can also be a program or an idea that is behind, for example, an exhibition.
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