Marderschreck signature - how it works

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Marderschreck signature - how it works

Marderschreck: Installation problem with guide

Under the hood are in danger especially the rubber parts, ie cables, sleeves, hoses, etc. Of course, the pets do not eat of rubber, but when it comes to the territorial defense, they know no mercy.

Which Marderschreck really works?

  • A marten recognizes the smell whether a conspecific him is preempted at the site. Was another marten since, the animal wants the engine compartment as a separate area featuring and gloss over foreign brands. It bites ever in the rubber parts, which makes a vehicle unroadworthy circumstances.
  • Various very unpleasant to the human nose smells and ultrasound can not drive the small rodent, which was detected in tests.
  • Better does the trick, a grid or mesh to place under the engine compartment. If the marten but once understood that from this object emanates nothing threatening, no more chicken wire it will prevent them from examining the engine compartment.
  • Really effective only Marderschreck devices that work with electricity and not miss the Marder a brief electric shock.

installed correctly Marderschutz

  • Before installing the marten protection, you should undergo your vehicle an extensive engine wash. So it's basically less interesting for the cute animals.
  • In the engine compartment sensor plates are attached to body parts and integrates a control module.
  • The control module is connected to the ignition and battery and protects the engine compartment from henceforth effective against martens assaults.
  • The high voltage generated by switching makes for a contact that the marten gets a shock.
  • The sensor pad is it inactive for a short time until the voltage has been rebuilt. This so-called panic protection prevents an animal receives multiple surges in succession. The raccoon may disappear so without seriously damaged.
  • A so-called hood contact switch ensures that the circuit is broken when a man opens the hood.

This form of Marten defense is very effective and has the distinct advantage that no animal is accustomed.

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