Mars Line - About Your palmistry

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Mars Line - About Your palmistry

The divination is ancient and still fascinating.

Basics of palmistry

To decipher what betrayed your hand lines about you, you should first know that there are five main lines on the palm usually where you can refer:

  • The lifeline begins between forefinger and thumb, and extends to the latter around. Your expression is used as an indication of life length and strength.
  • The main line begins at on under your forefinger and often combines with the lifeline. The longer the line, the better it is for your physical feelings.
  • The transverse line under your hand and on the wrist lying is something like your lucky line. If this line is not interrupted, it should provide information about how much luck you will have in your project.
  • The common line runs from the little finger below the other fingers along until the middle or index finger and is depending on the thickness information about your virility.
  • The stomach line runs close to the common line and ends in this. As the name suggests, this shows your potential for your inner well-being related to health and digestion.

Starting from the described main lines there are more secondary lines, which include the Mars line belongs.

The Mars line and their meaning

  • The Mars line is located between the life line and the thumb area. It is relatively short and can also parallel to the lifeline, aligned with the distance between the thumb and forefinger, occur. It provides information about your activity and drive status. Who discovered this line on the palm, is believed to be a man with a strong self-confidence.
  • Depending on the strength of this line you can read but also combat readiness or motivation moving it. Therefore people with a strong Mars line measure usually like in sporting competitions and fear no attack. Unfortunately, they are also prone to an increased potential for conflict. In addition, the Mars line can also be a sign of a higher potential for aggression.

Nevertheless, you do not have to worry if the Mars line does not match your expectations. Reading from the palm is not as simple as one might imagine, and also it counts in life is not what lines are on your hand, but what you make of yourself and your life. Aggression and belligerence are not forced upon properties, if you make a conscious choice about it.

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