Massage oil heat - Instructions

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Massage oil heat - Instructions

The different massage practices can provide relaxation.

Massage oil - worth knowing background information

There are a wide variety of massage techniques. Here, the right massage oil is a very important part in the treatment. Because these serve both as a lubricant to the skin during massaging the skin is also well protected and thereby maintained simultaneously.

  • The application of oil on the skin should be made only if this was placed over the heating to body temperature or higher. Because automatically span at high temperature between the skin and the oil the muscles, you wince, and the entire relaxing or revitalizing effect is gone.
  • Some massage oils are provided with essential oils that should be brought under any circumstances for cooking, for example, because often get the especially sensitive fatty acids to high temperatures not consistency, so excessive overheating of the active substance on the skin, body and mind its effectiveness also loses ,
  • Accordingly, you should proceed with the heating of the skin, care and massage oils so that you achieve maximum pleasure. In certain situations, lead to a relaxation of the body and the harmonization of the mental and emotional balances a temperature moderately above the skin heat lying oil more.
  • The oil should not be applied in the cold state, but heated beforehand if possible. You can reach the appropriate temperature in a special heater, in a bottle in the water or simply with the hands. These options offer different advantages and disadvantages.

The heating of the oil - various alternatives

The heating of the massage oil can be realized in different ways.

  • The simplest and also used in many cases variation is to allow the oil to flow into a hand that you form into a hollow and possible squeeze the fingers close together, so that no oil is lost. After placing the other hand - the massage oil bottle you left - you can horizontally rub the oil between both hands and warm through this measure the oil and then apply to the skin. Advantage is the practical and simple heating of the oil, unfortunately, can thus only a small amount of oil put on about 34 degrees.
  • A massage oil heater from the specialized trade can heat a sometimes larger amount of oil in the water. Often the devices are equipped with carafes, the temperature control is infinitely variable. placed in a water bath to the desired temperature, they maintain the effectiveness, also you can parallel heat different oils and apply for the massage, while the carafes or oil reservoir can maintain the desired temperature and a longer time. The price is for the equipment this to around 20, - to 25.- Euro.

According to the pre-heating of the oils has its meaning, both the practical and manual version offers advantages while the unit incurs costs, but also designed massage more comfortable. Accordingly, you should leave it to your personal taste and feeling, how to make your massages.

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