Mastercard charge - how it works

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Mastercard charge - how it works

Prepaid MasterCard - simply charge!

Mastercard get - that you should be aware

  • Especially young people should learn to deal with money, without breaking the bank or the parents financially. The prepaid credit cards are ideal for beginners from 14 years or people who want to be safe when traveling, for example.
  • Normally a credit card presents in the associated current account and posts the revenue with a month delay by direct debit. The account balance is at first matter. That is, you can also spend more money than you actually just for a rainy day.
  • The rechargeable Mastercard but is charged with a certain amount, for example, 5,000 euros. The owner can not spend more than he has charged.
  • Many banks, the Kreissparkasse, the prepaid credit card offer. It works at speeds as any other credit card and is therefore accepted as normal in the network and abroad. Witzig is: The MasterCard for charging there is individualized, that is, with your own designs or designs to pick from.

Recharge the prepaid credit card

  • Do you already have a MasterCard to charge, then you can easily recharge via bank transfer or direct debit.
  • You do not yet have a card to charge, please apply at your bank such. The creation and the mail delivery can take several weeks.
  • In this method you an "account number" assigned to which you can make a transfer of the desired amount. Practically here is a standing order, which charges a certain amount regularly.
  • For most banks Your credit will bear interest normally on the map, you have online access to your sales or can even view and let out a statement on the vending machine.
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