Mauerkrone - so you can cover your garden wall

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Mauerkrone - so you can cover your garden wall

A mural crown protects against weather conditions.

To protect the wall crown

The mural crown of garden walls should be protected especially against moisture in the rain - for the wall covering cares. Above all, a small overhang makes sense, also known as eaves, which ensures that no moisture can penetrate the side to the top of the dam crest.

  • Wall coverings are made from metal, concrete or ceramic to buy. Many manufacturers who also make roof tiles or other devices, offer such Abdecksteine ​​for wall tops. These sometimes have tile form, but it is also flat stones or stones available in the form of a gable roof. What you choose ultimately is related to how much money you want to spend and how the wall afterwards should blend into your garden.
  • These are the professional solutions. However, it is also cheaper: Small pieces of wall can be covered quite inexpensive with a metal or aluminum plate in a U shape. In many cases, you can use this scrap metal or sheet steel noble it is with steel or even copper. Wall of sheet metal crowns must be glued with a special metal cold adhesive and should - if possible - are in one piece.
  • Also plates of garden paths and terraces can - matches sawn with a rock saw - serve as a wall covering.
  • And of course you can cover the wall with a layer of concrete - nice that does not look, however, and very durable it will not be, because now the concrete the weather is exposed. If the procedure is not here free of cracks and accurately, it will over time, just like mortar, without freeze and -bröseln.
  • Before embedding the wall covering in mortar you need a layer sealing slurry. This ensures that below the dam crest remain no air pockets and water can not enter there. The mural crown is so closed, so to speak. This type seal is mixed from powder with water and applied with a brush or paste the Trowel. The actual wall covering is then transferred to drying of the sealing slurry in a mortar bed. This mainly flexible mortar is good. Be sure to place the bricks or elements for the wall covering as close as possible to each other in this mortar bed.
  • In tiles you have, so to speak a natural overlap, which is also used in many professional copings. If you use granite or other stones, you should use a special mortar for natural stones. Often, however, you must naturally cover still elastic grouting to prevent water from entering.
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