Max cathedrals "Unknown error" - Tips to eliminate

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Max cathedrals "Unknown error" - Tips to eliminate

Maintenance, the problem with max cathedrals can be solved differently.

"Unknown error" when installing the Download Manager

  • To view with max cathedrals movies, you must install the Download Manager. This only works with Windows XP or a newer system. In addition to the browser Internet Explorer 7 or later, installed the latest versions of JavaScript and Adobe Flash Player. Let cookies. These are the prerequisites to install the Download Manager. With other browsers, there may be a problem with the installation of the Manager.
  • If there are problems with the download or installation, set your security settings to a lower level. Turn short of firewalls and virus protection. Take for download and installation only IE 7 or later, no other browser.
  • If you use IE 8, there could be a problem if the browser is configured incorrectly. Open the menu item "page" and go to the "Compatibility View Settings". Remove "Include updated website lists from Microsoft" the checkmark.

Now the manager should download and can be installed.

Solving Other Problems with max cathedrals

  • An "Unknown error" may occur when the Download Manager is installed but is not enabled. Call in the Control Panel on the "administration". Visit the menu "Services" to "max cathedrals Download Manager" and make this "start".
  • If the manager is installed, you can select and download a movie. If now the message "Unknown error" appear, try whether an instruction is displayed when you click the message.
  • If no help page is displayed, check to see if you are still connected to the Internet. Ask, if necessary, reconnects. The download continues normally from Download Manager once you are reconnected to the Internet.
  • Should not it have been due to the Internet connection, it might be on your hard drive at the lack of space. You need enough free space on the hard drive C, even if you download the movie to another hard disk. Delete if necessary files to create space. The manager should then start again, you can resume the download manually. Daszu you just have to click once on the download button in the film.

If these measures are useless contact. Support of max cathedrals

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