Me or me - so express yourself properly

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Me or me - so express yourself properly

Rules for me or me

Grammar to "I" or "me"

It comes to dating (I) or the accusative (I) of the personal pronoun of the first person singular. In most states in both cases "us", which already shows that it is a bit complicated.

  • The dating part of the question, "Who" Even with a lot of effort, it is probably not a question of "who" give to the small Erna with "Let me once" could respond "Who owns the rope?" "Mir". but it's all in the case therefore that something should be done with the cable, or an action to be allowed so. you do not get a "Who" question out.
  • For accusative heard the question "Who?" Or "What?", When it comes to one thing. A matching situation question would be: "Who do we want to jump next?" The answer is: "Let me".
  • Whenever you are unsure whether it is "me" or "me" is, you should ask questions. For example: "I wash myself / I (?)". It says: "Who do I wash?" Or "Who do I wash?" It is clear "who" and therefore is, the phrase "I wash myself" But it says "I wash my feet", because the question is "Who. I wash your feet? "

Remember: To "whom" heard "me" to "who" the "Me".

Exercises to dative and accusative

  • If you speak good German in complete sentences, the problem with "I" or "me" have rare. Look at the small Erna set at times. Actually, they should have said what you want it to, namely jump rope. "Let me jump again!" Thus, the question "Who or what can you jump?" Clear.
  • If there is a card game, where shall the card, it says "before me" In the complete set it would mean. "Move the cards in front of me". The question would be "before whom the cards are to be placed?" But it says: "To whom the cards are" "The cards are in front of me", because in this case the question is,
  • Make specific exercises on the subject. Do not answer the questions out of the feeling, but try the right "Who (me)" - "(I) Wen" to find Question or. You need the so practice, because if you have insecurities, you will often the wrong seem right. In Berlin dialect, for example, there is no "me", ie a Berliner "me" would always appear incorrect.

If you practice specifically, you will soon no longer say: "Me and can not happen to me confused me, because I know from my" because properly there is of course "can not happen to me" and "I know my way".

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