Measure The barometer humidity percentage - how it works

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Measure The barometer humidity percentage - how it works

Read your weather from on your weather station. Karin_Jung / Pixelio

Of course, you can rely on the weather report on TV, but you can also measure the air pressure at home and the humidity percentage. All you need besides a barometer still a hygrometer or a weather station.

So much humidity percentage is optimal

  • With a purchased or homemade hygrometer you can measure the humidity or display.
  • In the living area you will surely soon find out that depending on the heat different moisture contents you are perceived as pleasant.
  • With a ventilation behavior can affect the moisture, but also by the presence of plants, indoor fountains or an aquarium.
  • In living rooms, a humidity of 40 to 60 percent is recommended at a temperature of 20 ┬░ C.
  • Your personal feel-good value, you can quickly find out by changing the moisture content.
  • Fasten your hygrometer in places in the living room, where the result is almost optimally displayed. Very unsuitable are close to windows, spaces directly on the heaters, behind curtains or in direct sunlight.
  • Establish a permanent moisture content of above 60%, so the risk of mold growth increases enormously.

Take an additional barometer

  • With a barometer, which you can tinker too easily, you can read the air pressure.
  • So you can estimate what weather situation could adjust next well.
  • In anticyclones, you can assume that the humidity tends to reduce, since dry weather prevails.

The easiest way is of course, if you set up a weather station that provides all required values. Depending on the price range you can also get weather stations with forecasts and even with memory function.

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