Measure with Sonar Ruler Distances

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Measure with Sonar Ruler Distances

Use your smartphone as a yardstick.

Calibration of the sonar Rulers

It concerns with solar Ruler to a purchase app, which currently costs € 0.79 (as of August 2014). The download and installation automatically function. The measure accurately contrast somewhat complicated. You have to practice to measure and calibrate the smartphone.

  1. Activate the app. Your phone now emits audible clicking sounds. You see on the display a graph. Slide this to the far right.
  2. Now a jagged line is to see the images the click signal graphically. In addition, two blue dots and an orange dot visible. Slide the right blue dot to the left and the orange dot on the most decisive line (peak).
  3. Change the sensitivity by dragging the right blue dot to the right. He should show not less than 20 cm.

First measurements with the app

The handling of the iPhone is somewhat difficult in the measurement. Practice measuring at a known distance.

  1. Measure the distance to a wall with a ruler. Turn on the app. Call the point menu. You will see a small box on the "Temperature" is. Touch it and adjust the room temperature.
  2. At the top of your iPhone displays various distances. Slide the graph on the screen left or right to select a distance. The display should show a distance approximately equal to the measured distance.
  3. Aim the microphone of your smartphone on the wall to which you want to measure the distance. Hold the device horizontally there. Especially at long range, even small deviations from the horizontal lead to large measurement errors.
  4. The microphone of the iPhone does not have any lens with which it concentrates the signal. Hold your hand with abgespreiztem thumbs against the body. You must be vertical and have the thumbs up. Insert the edge of the iPhone into the area between the thumb and forefinger. Angle now thumbs down, so it is below the iPhone without touching this. Think in mind that your phone must remain precisely aligned horizontally.
  5. Now turn the hand without the smartphone to move. The palm is thereby turned to the ground. It should instead be vertical to the device at an angle of approximately 45 °. In this way you ensure a better alignment of the signal. Watch indicates what distance the Sonar Ruler with this maneuver. You have the right position found if it displays the previously measured distance.

Practice these handles until you get displayed immediately the correct distance. You do not have to re-calibrate before each measurement, but still set the correct temperature, the iPhone.

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