Mercedes star - as Tinker icon cardboard

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Mercedes star - as Tinker icon cardboard

Tinker yourself a Mercedes star itself.

Tinker is a welcome relief in tough for many people. As a parent, this can even be integrated into a cozy Bastelnachmittag, so the whole family has fun. Curl your little one but with a special surprise. Tell them what you are planning. Your favorites will be delighted, because a Mercedes star has not yet determined any made by you. You get now explains how you can make the star itself. Then you can read a few ideas on what you can do with the pretty tinkering.

tinkering a Mercedes star - Here's gradual

  1. Ask a radius of about 6 centimeters, so that the star later has a diameter of 12 centimeters your circles.
  2. Draw a circle on the cardboard and paint a second, slightly narrower on the inside. Cut out the drawing at the outer edge.
  3. Now drag a horizontal and a vertical line, so that a cross is formed, whose center lies on the piercing hole.
  4. Measure out to the horizontal from the center of each 5 millimeters and mark the point.
  5. Drag the above vertical one each line to the marker points. You now have the first prong of the star.
  6. Next step is to measure the 5 millimeters on the vertical line downwards.
  7. The lower left tip drag by two straight drawing of the marking points of the horizontal and the vertical line, which meet at a point on the previously drawn inner circle. Go for the right side in front of the same.
  8. Now disconnect the games between the prongs from and paint everything out with the stylus. The Mercedes-symbol is now completed.

So you can use the decoration

  • You can pull a thread through the edge and hang at a desired location of the apartment.
  • If you customize the star with smaller dimensions, you can also use it well as a hanger in your car.
  • Those who wish can imagine both sides of the star with the Edding and then fix it with adhesive tape, at a window.
  • You might find indeed a nice spot in your apartment - possibly a shelf - on which you can install the gem.

You can add as many icons Mercedes tinker how you like it. Thanks to this guide, it is not so difficult. If you want a decorative item of a special kind, it must try it with such a rating.

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