Mercury thermometer - knowing about its functioning

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Mercury thermometer - knowing about its functioning

This is the modern brother of the good old mercury thermometer: this works with solar energy.

What is mercury

  • Mercury is called "liquid silver". This is the German translation of the Greek word origin.
  • It is one of the chemical elements, the so-called in. Periodic Table (the Elements) is listed. It bears the symbol Hg (from the Latin for mercury: hydrargyrum) and is classified in the category of so-called transition metals. Mercury is liquid, no other metal is liquid.
  • Mercury has a high surface tension. This leads to the fact that mercury is distributed in the form of tiny droplets or beads on a surface.
  • Like all metals is also mercury conductive. However passes mercury current relatively poor.
  • Mercury vapors that arise when a thermometer burns, are poisonous. Why are mercury thermometers since 2009 in the EU banned. As laboratories, they are still allowed for scientific research purposes.

What is a thermometer

  • The word thermometer consists of two components. "Thermo" means temperature "meter" means "measure" or measuring device or instrument.
  • A thermometer is thus an invention to measure the temperature. Namely, a mercury thermometer temperatures up to 350 degrees plus and up to 38 degrees measured minus.
  • If the mercury added certain substances, even higher or lower temperatures can be measured.

As a mercury thermometer works

  • The mercury thermometer is different from other thermometers in that it "works" with a liquid. The liquid mercury rises in a transparent glass tube, as the temperature increases. A scale shows you prevail which temperatures.
  • Before mercury was used, attacked our ancestors before 1700 alcohol back to measure the temperature. Only Daniel G. Fahrenheit presented a mercury thermometer so ago that it was reliable. He therefore regarded as the inventor of the mercury thermometer. The measuring unit Fahrenheit can be converted into the common in our latitudes degrees Celsius. 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit correspond to 37 degrees Celsius (the normal human body temperature).
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