Metal Hairstyles: Long or short? - Tips for Styling

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Metal Hairstyles: Long or short?  - Tips for Styling

True rockers have long hair.

Long or short - the importance of care

  • Metal music usually requires long hair. Only with a mane makes headbanging fun. Nevertheless, the Department need not always be long. Even short-haired metalheads can be found in the scene.
  • Those who opt for long hair, takes a lot of hair care, hair spray, hair gel and a good cut.
  • While previously just had to be just long hair, the metalheads also places emphasis on a cut. Frayed cut can be wonderfully toupieren occipital and style with gel and hair spray, while the strands on the front head hanging down smooth hair.
  • Which hairstyle is suitable for individuals, also depends on the scene in which one moves. In the death metal and metalcore scene Rocker bear isolated dreadlocks. A section is for hardly necessary. Also, the mullet is now and be found in another. Usually rockers wear their hair just long and unkempt and tame this sometimes with a headband à la Axel Rose.

Metal-hairstyles can be short

  • Metal-hairstyles are usually long. Only in this way can be headbanging. Nevertheless, there are also short-haired rockers who are thoroughly metallers.
  • Again: The wilder, the better. Slightly longer short hair that are through tiered, can be excellently messed wuscheln with gel. dyed black hairstyle will look even better.
  • The same is true for very short hair. Brav's not at all. A metallers hairstyle is only authentic when it is unkempt and slightly unkempt. The length of the hair plays only a minor role. Even very short hair style can be wildly. The rest will be done the outfit.
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