Mett freeze - that you should consider

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Mett freeze - that you should consider

Mett freeze easy.

If you know something in the ground beef Regulation, you know that special rules just in restaurants, when it comes to ground beef or ground pork. There this still needs to be processed on the day of purchase. You may Mett raw not freeze because it is precisely this type of meat is very susceptible to microbial attack. Food poisoning by Mett is not very pleasant.

Mett freeze - maintaining the cold chain

  • When shopping Mett, you must note that the cold chain must not be interrupted. Therefore, you should already chilled or frozen Mett, always transported in a cool bag.
  • If the cold chain is interrupted by an incident whatsoever, do not freeze anymore, but processed immediately Mett.

Freezing You can Mett in many ways

  • Ensure first that your workplace where you process the Mett is hygienically clean and can prevent foreign substances to the Mett.
  • The difference between Mett and ground beef is that Mett is very finely sliced, is eaten raw as a rule and is already seasoned in most cases when buying.
  • Minced meat, however, is more coarsely cut and used for making meatballs, cevapcici or meatloaf. However, both you can easily freeze.
  • The best method here is when you grab the Mett in special bags, press and flatten and vacuuming. Thus, the air is the bag removed and the meat lasts longer.
  • Of course, you can freeze your Mett also in a conventional manner. To do this, a piece of aluminum foil, place the Mett it and press it a little flat. Then you hit a aluminum foil and make a packet therefrom. This then enter in a freezer bag, press out the air and seal it.
  • Shelf life for frozen Mett maximum of 3 months.
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