Mici Recipe - so successful preparation

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Mici Recipe - so successful preparation

Mici are small sausages.

So you manage the Mici Recipe

In the so-called Mici is small sausages. There is a famous Romanian recipe that should there be missing on any party.

  1. Put the meat through a meat grinder to grind it. If you do not have such, there is a possibility to make the meat in small butcher. Or take in place of meat minced meat.
  2. Peel now the garlic cloves and chop them using a garlic press. Enter the little grated garlic now to Hack added.
  3. Now enter the spices added and mix all ingredients well together. Probable it is recommended that the mass to rotate one more time through the mincer.
  4. Prepare a beef broth. For this you can use a clear beef broth z. B.. This powder must be mixed with hot water. As has to be done exactly the composition indicated on the packaging of the broth.
  5. Enter from the broth 4 tbsp under the meat mixture and mix everything with a wooden spoon until a smooth paste.
  6. Model with his hands now from the meat mass small sausages. It can be made about 18 pieces from the crowd.
  7. The sausages must rest in the refrigerator overnight. The Mici can be then grill on the charcoal grill.
  8. It may be advisable to hand a homemade dip to Micis: given 15 cloves of garlic must be peeled, are coarsely chopped and then doused with hot water. And with so much water that they are all covered.

The Micis you rich mustard, bread and dips. They are definitely worth to be once cooked and tasted. I hope I could make this Mici recipe tasty. Good Appetite!

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