Microfleece - so you can tailor a warm sweater

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Microfleece - so you can tailor a warm sweater

sew a sweater made of microfleece itself.

What's microfleece

  • The micro fleece is a special kind of textile surfaces. Basically, these are a normal fleece, as you would anywhere knows her.
  • When microfleece but is special in that it is made of Mirco fibers. Mirco fibers themselves belong to the category of man-made fibers, such. As polyester or polyamide.
  • The criterion for determining whether a microfiber or not, is the weight in grams per 10,000 meters of fiber. The Mirco fibers have a weight of five to seven grams per 10,000 meters of fiber length on average.

The pattern work

  • Before you can begin tailoring your own micro fleece pullover, you first need to make or get a pattern. For this purpose, it is advisable that you pick out from the corresponding literature or from the Internet a predetermined pattern. Breaks off the sewing pattern or print it out.
  • Next, you must then transfer the pattern on your microfleece. When pattern whether the seam allowances into consideration of approximately two Zentrimetern. After transferring the pattern, you can start cutting the Micro fleece.

To sew the sweater

  1. Begin the abzunähen the bottom hem / waistband of Micro fleece. Beat the open web edges inwards around and sew them. For this purpose is best suited a Whip. With a simple backstitch the maintenance of the seam is too low and the risk of suture opening is very high. Perform this step for both sides sweater. Also on the collar of the sleeve, you must sew the open fabric edges.
  2. In the next step, you can now sew the sleeves on the side edges. To do this, right sides of fabric together, fold the open fabric edges inward and sew from the fabric tubing, the sleeve.
  3. When neck hole of microfleece pullover You have two options. You can just hit the open fabric edges inward and sew or attach a separate collar at the neck hole here.
  4. Finally, you just have to attach the sleeves to the openings provided the sweater. Insert the open fabric edges each another directly and sew them.
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