Mietauskunft - Find out for tenant credit check

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Mietauskunft - Find out for tenant credit check

Protecting yourself against Mietnomaden, ie verify tenant information.

Thousands owner struggling every year with lack of rental payments, with destroying leased and Mietnomadentum. Who rents a Mietnomaden, expects a true nightmare scenario. By obtaining a Mietauskunft before handover to a landlord can protect.

Check solvency of the tenants with Mietauskunft

  • Owner can verify before signing a contract in different ways a Mietauskunft whether the prospective tenant is solvent. The landlord can ask the tenant a personal Mietauskunft. He should not ask about religious affiliation and other discriminatory features. Mention of the employer should ask. there to downloadable forms online.
  • When personal Mietauskunft the prospective tenant can of course specify much. Although a false statement to any rent arrears in previous landlords can cause severe termination of the lease. But if the tenant can not pay or do not want, the landlord has the problem for a long time at the neck. Until the Klageweg completed and an eviction was fought, it takes a few months.
  • Specifying an employer is therefore not unimportant, because this knows the prospective tenant for some time and also have been present wage garnishments knows.

Tenant credit check by professionals

  • In order not to have to rely on the mere details of a prospective tenant, the landlord can use professional help. These service providers make a tenant credit check.
  • Here numerous personal and factual data are checked. In Check for example, negative payment experiences, collection, affidavit or insolvency proceedings are recorded.
  • For a little less than 10 Euro checks and updates the service all the relevant information tenants.

A complete security does not offer the tenant credit check, of course. The requested person may well be already been noticed, but it has not been recognized in terms of their data. Upstream address checks, the hit rate of a following Mietauskunft certainly increase.

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