Mileage of gasoline engines

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Mileage of gasoline engines

The mileage of engines can be increased with proper procedure.

Factors that affect the running performance

If you buy a new car and intend to drive it as long as possible, then you can increase the non-wearing viable method the life and increase the mileage of gasoline engines.

  • Basically, you should drive the car in the cold operating state carefully and in a low speed range. Only when the motor has reached a certain operating temperature, you can bring the vehicle to its limits and extend right around on the highway.
  • The acceleration should be moderate, as long as the engine is still cold. So do not step on the gas pedal, but can you just take it slow in gasoline engines.
  • Therefore, it is for gasoline engines generally well tolerated when they are driven over long distances, in urban traffic with constant acceleration and deceleration, the wear in the engine - and also to circuit or brakes - significantly higher than on the highway.
  • Just as a stressed übertouriges driving may damage the transmission and the engine, a durable untertouriger operation is harmful. Therefore Drive your car as often as possible in the speed range, which is recommended by the manufacturer to be optimal.
  • New vehicles are often regular maintenance due to existing service contracts, but also at a higher mileage beyond 100,000 kilometers maintenance and the replacement of wearing parts are important.

Are gasoline engines less efficient?

  • Today's gasoline engines can compete in its driving performance thoroughly with diesel engines and are designed for mileages 150000-200000 kilometers.
  • If you want to buy but an older vehicle, you should rather choose a diesel and a gasoline engine as the diesel-powered vehicles were often constructed by working out for a longer mileage.
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