Minecraft: Create groups - how it works

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Minecraft: Create groups - how it works

Create The Group Manager groups

With the plug-in "Group Manager" you can create groups and thus set different permissions for Minecraft. The commands are then entered directly in the game, so that new players once the relevant group may be added. Apart from the actual plug-in addition must be installed with the "Essentials".

Install Group Manager for Minecraft

  1. Before you create groups in the multiplayer game of Minecraft and players can then assign these, you must first download the plugin and install this. It's easiest on the user interface of Nitrado. You can download the necessary files download many of the Bukkit Website.
  2. If you want to install the interface plug-in on, and search for "Essential Group Manager" and perform the installation. When manually installing the compressed files must first be decompressed and are then added to the folder "plugins".
  3. Now start the Minecraft server. In the "Settings" ( "Settings") will now appear in the list of files you have added the Group Manager and Essentials. Now stop the server first again to adjust the settings for the respective groups.
  4. To do this, open the folder "World" located in the folder "Group Manager". About the "Notepad" to open the file "groups.yml". You can give a name for the group and the powers (Permissions). Note that each group must be present only once. Do not forget to name himself as "admin", and to award the rights to.
  5. In the file "user.ylm" you can assign specific users to specific groups. So you can assign, for example, new players directly to the group "working". Save the changes, then start again the server.

Create groups in the game

  1. After you have successfully implemented the plug-in in Minecraft, you can create directly via commands in play groups, assign permissions players or into groups.
  2. To create a group first, use the command "/ mangadd" (without the quotation marks and the group name (example: "/ mangadd Farmer" creates the group "Farmer") this command, at the command line of the chat bar..
  3. To assign a player to a particular group, use the command "/ manuadd [player's name] [name of group]". Example: the command "/ manuadd Bauer Farmer" adds the player "farmer" in the group "Farmer". The so create groups and affiliations must not be again stored in the file, as they are automatically taken out of the game.
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