Minecraft: Fix Communication error - so succeeds's

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Minecraft: Fix Communication error - so succeeds's

The Communication error can be resolved.

The Communication error in Minecraft occurs primarily when you create your server as Admin or want to register on this. The users receive the error message, can mostly but play anyway.

resolve Communication error on the server

Did you create a server in Minecraft and Bukkit version 1.8.1 installed, so shall the Communication error at the latest if you want to set the server IP. He can be fixed usually:

  1. Open the menu of Minecraft, click "Server" and then select the "Web" from.
  2. Here click "Bukkit 1.8.1" and select the displayed Update. Install this. After the process is complete, restart Minecraft new.

Now you should be able to adjust the settings on your server without error. A direct action in the conduct of the game has not the communication error, since the logging in to the server still works.

If the start message of Minecraft generates the error

  1. Should the Communication Error does not disappear after the update, check the set start message ( "Welcome") that appears on the login page to your Minecraft server.
  2. You may make textual free - but you should make sure that this message no umlauts or special characters are included, since these can not be processed.
  3. Customize the text accordingly (รค ae needs to be written), and save it off. Then load the file to the server and start it. Now appears changed text and the Communication Error should be definitively resolved.
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