Minecraft is not working - what to do?

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Minecraft is not working - what to do?

Help when Minecraft is not working.

Remedy if Minecraft is not working

This compilation of possible causes and solutions options will help you be sure to bring Minecraft and running, because not working there is not actually.

  • Check if your PC meets the requirements to Minecraft to play. In rare cases, you need a new video card, or even a new video card driver.
  • More often there is a problem with Java, check if you have Java allowed on the PC, you must set the browser used in each case.
  • Another possible reason why Minecraft does not work is that you're using an outdated version of Java. Download always the latest version of Java and install it. Then the game will run well.
  • If the game is running until you have installed one of the numerous modifications, it is probably because you have made a mistake during installation. Remove the MOD and reinstall it, then takes a Minecraft work again.
  • Another possibility, which is why the game does not work after installing the MOD is that the MOD is not appropriate for the version of Minecraft, you have on the PC. In that case, you have to give up the MOD and select one which has been designed for your version of Minecraft.
  • In general, you have to remember to delete the folder "Meta-Inf" because after installing MODs causes problems.
  • If you have a problem with a MOD, you do not get a grip and Minecraft simply does not work, go after logging on "Options" and enter "Force update" a. Then you can play the game without the MOD.

If all else fails and Minecraft further does not work, you will need to contact the support of the game.

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