Minecraft: regrow wool - how it works

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Minecraft: regrow wool - how it works

So grow wool to in Minecraft.

So let wool regrow

  • Sure, if you kill a sheep, you certainly do not expect it can again grow wool. Nevertheless, it should be mentioned again, you have to shear the sheep, not kill.
  • This again can grow wool, the sheep in Minecraft must eat like real life. It takes grass or tall grass, the wool grows. Ask can so that the wool grow the sheep on respective blocks.

If you play Minecraft 1.0 version, no wool grows.

Special features of wool in Minecraft

  • Search two sheep and place them side by side. Enter two sheep grain and there is a lamb. To get new sheep and more wool.
  • Both parents have the same color, so also the lambswool will have in this color, which also can grow wool. But Mark sheep of different colors, then the lamb either the color of the one or the other parent can have.
  • Now you have a sheep with the genetic code for both colors. So it can happen that you pair these sheep with a sheep of the same color and a lamb produced in the color of the wool of different color grandparent.
  • Interesting about wool in Minecraft is also dyeing. If you want to colorful wool, color the sheep in the corresponding color, it will be later regrow and wool in this color. This is more efficient to dye than wool.
  • Color a lamb, so it will even change the genetic code and its offspring can have wool in the new color.
  • If you have threads, you do not need to wait for the regrowth of wool. In Minecraft You can also wool from 4 threads, available at spiders or cobwebs, crafting.
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