Mini job: cash out overtime - it shall be governed

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Mini job: cash out overtime - it shall be governed

Overtime is often paid at Minijob!

Many MiniJobber know the problem: You officially work only 10 hours a week for your employer, but it suddenly occurs a situation in which you have to work more than these 10 hours. Now the question arises then, whether you can abfeiern overtime or cashing out the overtime. Ask your employer. Either this is specifically regulated in your employment, or your employer will be notified which option he prefers.

The paying of overtime in your Minijob

  1. First, you need to have accumulated overtime in your mini job. An extra hour you be made only if you are above the contractual working hours.
  2. Now take a look at your employment. You can find out here if you can pay overtime at your job or Mini this must abfeiern. If you need to partying, this means that you need to check with your employer or your Line Manager, when you can do this.
  3. Find in your employment no control of overtime pay, you should contact your employer directly. To set a meeting time. It is better if you do not address this issue on the wing, but make an appointment. Your employer will surely happy to provide information.
  4. Find overtime can only pay off if you have been placed or to overtime pay is determined by the contract or agreement.
  5. If the level of overtime pay is not set, applies the same compensation as in the working hours contracted.
  6. You get only a supplement to the overtime pay, if provided for in the employment contract or the applicable collective agreement. The overtime pay when the employment relationship was terminated before the time off could be taken at the mini job.
  7. In a mini-job, you should know that you must not earn more than 400 euros, otherwise it will be subject to social insurance. This refers, however, that you must not earn more than 400 euros per month on average in 12 months.
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