Minimum weight in the army - even lightweights can go

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Minimum weight in the army - even lightweights can go

You can also become a musician there. rennersu / Pixelio

Minimum weight and the employment test

The recruitment test in the army consists of a medical examination, a sports test and a general aptitude test, you will need to deal with the computer:

  • On the whole, you can assume that you have a minimum weight of 48 kg, and BMI may be 18 to 28 They have a wide field. But these are only guidelines. There is no guarantee that you will be set at 70 kg and a BMI of 20, nor to 46 kg not be an absolute exclusion criterion.
  • More important than the weight, is sure of BMI and physical fitness. Subscribe to a sports club or a gym. It would have to be the big exception, if after a physical training is not almost automatically adjusts a weight at which you need to have no fear of a minimum weight.

There, it depends on many factors, including the type of use, which you aspire.

Career in the army

  • There are many professions in the army, as well as the opportunity to learn civil professions. You can also study in the army. But the wide field already shows that an absolute minimum weight can hardly make sense.
  • Hardly anyone fails because it does not reach a minimum weight, the sports test and the Computer Test are clearly more difficult to establish. Obesity is at least more of a hindrance than underweight, especially during sports test. Work out why this is important.
  • Because there are several conditions in the service branches and the career decision, there might be also areas where a minimum weight may be required. So is the minimum weight for technical reasons at the paratroopers 63.3 kg because then weigh with umbrella and equipment at least 80 kg. Below this minimum weight there is a danger that the screen does not open properly and you drift off.
  • If you are afraid to fail because of the minimum weight, but want to Bundeswehr, you should think of the Navy and the submarines, there is a small and frail appearance asked also for technical reasons.
  • Even if you are musically talented and play an instrument, there are no problems with the minimum weight.

Since there is not a general minimum weight and you should generally make a picture of the possibilities, it is certainly better if you check fairly early in person about the career opportunities in the army. In personal conversation, find out also whether there is a minimum weight for your personal career.

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