mix beer with Fanta right

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mix beer with Fanta right

Prost with Fanta and beer! Rainer_Sturm / Pixelio

There are indeed the famous cyclist, the mixed drink of beer and lemonade normally. But is it really?

These are beer drinks

  • Yes, there is always discussion and even controversy about what really is because a cyclist. Beer is always there, but regionally there are many variations. In the original, it is supposed to be the lemonade, but in some areas there is a yellow soda as Fanta or mineral water, such as in northern Germany.
  • In the east, the mixed drink with raspberry or woodruff lemonade and in Bavaria and Austria as Almdudler with Herbal lemonade tastes.
  • Many beer mixes are made with wheat beer as mixtures with lemon, but much more common with Coke.

There are so many variants and many names for it, but the important thing is that it tastes. And because it all depends on the right mix.

To mix beer with Fanta

  • The mixing ratio is usually half beer and half Fanta.
  • In restaurants the Fanta is almost always filled first into the glass and then the beer on it. This is faster because it is not so much foam. But that does not taste as good, because the mixing is poor. The alcohol in beer makes it namely easier and it thus remains are rather above.
  • So take rather more time and fill up first the beer into the glass. Make it half full with a small foam head and then fill the rest with very careful of Fanta on. To obtain a well-mixed mixed drink with Fanta and these tasteful refreshment at any time and especially enjoy the summer.
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