Mix black - so it is possible by means of the house

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Mix black - so it is possible by means of the house

To get only theoretically Black.

The color black

If you want to paint something black, you are faced with several problems:

  • In industry is black usually not black but very dark red or purple. You realize that if you mix black with white and gray rather than suddenly have Rosa. That shows you that black is not so simple.
  • find Black pigments, is usually in the household possible, but a color neutral color to find more difficult. If you stir in black pigments in white color, you will only get out gray. With an already dark color, chances are good hinzubekommen something black.
  • In theory, you get black when mixing the primary colors red, yellow and blue. But that's theory, because in practice you almost never have to do with the basic colors. If you mix tomato juice with yolk and spinach juice, you get a brownish mixture, but no black. This way you should not try.
  • Home black copper oxide (coins), soot or coal could be present. The pigments are, that you can also turn black.

Mixing of black color

  • First, you must muster black pigments in the household. If you want to make a drawing on paper, it is sufficient anzukokeln wood and draw with charcoal. Charcoal is basically nothing more. Total charcoal or burnt wood is certainly the best pigment for black color, if you want to produce them with home remedies.
  • If you want a color black ink, you must zermalen the pigments finely. Charcoal can be good zerklopfen with a hammer, and the resulting dust trap. Take only the very fine dust.
  • Mix this with a skin cream, then you have black makeup. The whiteness of the skin cream is not based on pigments, it disappears when the cream feeding.
  • Also clearcoat with finely ground carbon black or charcoal gives a black color when you put a colored paint thus, Se will always have the pigments of colorful paint with the color. Suitable binders are also suitable egg white because it is colorless.

But of red, blue and yellow You will rarely can mix black color, because you can find these colors almost never the right color.

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