Mold in the corners - so you fix the damage

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Mold in the corners - so you fix the damage

The mold is only when the wall is dry again.

find causes of mold

  • In most cases, mold is just a result of too high humidity. If you are lucky, already helps a better ventilation behavior. Ask your window not to tilt and ventilate ten minutes a day the whole apartment. Open this all windows and doors at the same time.
  • Ask a meter on the humidity. This should be between 40 and 60 percent are. To avoid that moisture condensing on the walls. Mold can grow well in such places.
  • If despite optimal humidity moldy some corners, the moisture comes probably from the outside. Check fixed with a special moisture meter, if the wall of water. If so, a craftsman has to examine whether there is a loss in a pipeline, in the roof or in the wall insulation. After repairing this damage you can successfully combat mildew.

Freeing the corners by the fungus

  • As a first step, if you find any moldy corners, you can apply hair spray or a similar spray on the walls. This binds the spores of fungi and prevents you from inhaling these.
  • Buy a special mold cleaners that can be sprayed onto the wallpaper. Chlorine is only necessary if you want to whiten the black spots again. If already repainted or wallpapered, you can buy a chlorine-free detergent.
  • If the wallpaper is covered with black spots, but does not dissolve or curl, you can stroke it then with a special paint simple.
  • If the wallpaper is already strongly attacked or the fungus raises already depend on, you have to loosen the wallpaper and glue new. In this case it is useful to impregnate the wall above with a fungicide and let it dry.
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