Money back book - at the Sparkasse it goes like this

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Money back book - at the Sparkasse it goes like this

blank book back money from the Sparkasse Andreas Morlok / Pixelio

So you can book back the money

  • Use to pay an invoice, a transfer, you can not be back to book the money from the savings bank. You need to contact in this case with the receiver of the funds in conjunction to obtain a refund.
  • If mid-month or month-end, a certain amount paid as a standing order, the savings can not go back at this money. Therefore, be sure to update the standing order in advance if the recipient or the amount has changed.
  • For the debiting of a direct debit you have the receiver of the funds issued a direct debit authorization. This can be revoked at any time.

So the savings offset the amount

  • If an amount deducted in spite of a contradiction or is not debited sum is correct, you have the opportunity to return the money to book by Sparkasse.
  • Note that you need to arrange for the return booking within 6 weeks at Sparkasse.
  • To make the money back book of the savings bank, there are two options available.
  • Go in person to your savings bank branch and get you by an employee that the amount is credited to your account.
  • Take part in the online banking, it is possible to return the debit itself. For this you need a TAN number.
  • If you leave back book by Sparkasse the money to your account, you will see on your next statement that the posting date is the date on which the debit is returned, the value shall be equivalent to the debit day. This means that when a potential overdraft your account by direct debit no borrowing rates are calculated.
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