More endurance while jogging - so you can increase your stamina

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More endurance while jogging - so you can increase your stamina

As nice as can be jogging, with the necessary stamina.

While jogging strengthen endurance and stamina

  • To initially not to overload the heart and lungs and strengthen the stamina, you jog the first eight weeks so that you it can still maintain normal itself.
  • Jogging possible two to three times per week. Jog slow and make frequent breaks calm, where you just go. They initially try to provide 25 minutes.
  • If you have access to, you can improve your fitness three times a week on different devices. You can, for example on a day on cross trainer, the next train on the ergometer and the third time on the treadmill. This your individual muscle groups are addressed complex and extensive training.
  • It is very useful to make interval training. Thus your body can learn well his energies and your condition improves. There are different types, the pyramid training that starts easily, continuously is always tiring and then uniformly decreases from the intensity. To do this exercise after warm alternately intensely with one minute rest, the intense sections are longer. Start 30 seconds intense and then one minute slow, then 45, 60, 90 seconds intensively with 60 seconds then slowly. Now go on with 60 intense seconds, then 45 and 30 seconds. After you run so long slowly until her pulse under 120 beats is.
  • To increase his fitness while jogging, it is better to increase the frequency and duration of practice. Give the possibility to regenerate your body after every workout and train no more than five times a week.
  • Partly advanced joggers can help to orientate on the pulse. For endurance training the optimum depends on age and by the formula 0.75 * (220 - age) to calculate. (220-20) for a 20-year So as an ideal pulse of 0.75 * result = 150 beats per minute.
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