More Fight - We make athletics training plan itself

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More Fight - We make athletics training plan itself

Mehrkampf- proper training leads to success

Mehrkampf: determination of the starting point

  • Write Your achievements: So note times, heights, etc., to determine your exact level of training and so to know your starting position. It would be ideal to perform these notes on a number of training sessions to compensate for days with poor constitution.
  • Put your services in relation with those of comparable athletes and determine where you are in the power spectrum.
  • To identify weaknesses in the technology, it makes sense to draw experienced athletes to rate that help by observation, to evaluate things such as posture in the high jump or the sprint start. Right here decisive cm or seconds can be obtained.
  • Feel free to take advantage in athletics and various disciplines of business More struggle not generally of the practical knowledge of sports colleagues with more experience. Many athletes are in clubs, so that contact is often easy to produce.

Create the Athletics Training Plan

  • Set exercise goals, you want to reach. Try this to be realistic, so avoid disappointment later and overtraining. Achieving a really feasible goal will bring you more satisfaction and motivation. Well, it's also set interim milestones, as smaller successes are motivating effect and to achieve faster. To be complete your all-around training with more fun.
  • It makes sense to train up to three to four times a week with one day off between the track workouts. To give your body the opportunity to regenerate sufficiently between the units.
  • At the beginning of each training session a good warm-up should be. 10-15 minutes of warm-up and stretching exercises are ideal for this. To reduce the risk of injury and prepare your body optimally for about performed by the latter.
  • For some exercises to 3p / 10 combinations have been proven, eg three times 10er ski jumping, squatting jumps, etc.
  • Combine Training shares that burden your body in different ways, in order to avoid overstressing individual body parts.
  • Depending on the discipline speed, power, technique, stamina and body coordination in varying degrees are necessary. Ask your training schedule one of these requirements, taking into account your physical condition, age and fitness level.
  • Check your training schedule and your services regularly. Take any necessary corrections to the plan.
  • If you train with diligence, fun and without doggedness, eat healthy and keep at it, success will not be long in coming. Enjoy the training.
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