More horsepower for the car - so it's legally with Chiptuning

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More horsepower for the car - so it's legally with Chiptuning

The chip tuning for the car brings more horsepower.

General information about chiptuning

  • Under Chip Tuning refers to the increase in performance of car engines for more horsepower. Here, the engine factory setting of the control parameters for Auto is changed so that it can bring more power. It will not carry out any structural changes to the vehicle engine, but only both mechanical and thermal Ausreizungen the engine.
  • Since it can happen that the car takes damage from the chip tuning, it is important to obtain information from the chip tuner for tuning a guarantee. The guarantee is there, however, only up to 3 years, and also up to a mileage of less than 100,000 kilometers. It encompasses the functionality of the engine and the transmission.
  • The chip tuning for the car is not always legal. Therefore, the car has both a structural change as well as the chip tuning, be presented to the TÜV, which is necessary to remove this tuning and also determines if it defects have arisen or not. It is also important to note that the warranty for new vehicles after the chip tuning for more horsepower simply disappears and you have no claims for any defects more.

Tips for legal tuning the car for more horsepower

  • The chip tuning for the car is suitable for any driver who is dissatisfied with the performance of its cars and more horsepower want. It is suitable both for diesel and for gasoline. A large change can not be obtained. It is for example possible to obtain a car from 130 hp to 150 hp, as the scope of the motors are not particularly large.
  • Let perform chiptuning exclusively of special tuning experts. This is especially important if you want the TÜV accepts the modification of the engine and decreases. More horsepower for the car is often desired, but is associated with some conditions.
  • The cost amounts to up to 900 euros for the chip tuning with a professional tuning garage. Also, the fuel consumption after the tuning can increase. You should therefore consider whether it is absolutely necessary to obtain more horsepower for the car or whether you enough, your current performance. Get in doubt in your workshop or at TÜV advice directly.
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