Motivation letter as an office clerk - Suggestions

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Motivation letter as an office clerk - Suggestions

Office clerk is more than "just" secretary. Markus_Hein / Pixelio

If you want to create a cover letter as an office clerk, you should first know what an office clerk has to do everything in their everyday work.

The tasks of an office clerk

  • First of all, you should know that there is an office clerk in almost all sectors. However, the office clerk of today is far more than "just" a secretary.
  • Especially organization and management among the focal points of an office clerk. As would date organization, telephone handling and customer management still supplement.
  • When it comes to insurance and tax matters, the office clerk was well versed.
  • Other priorities include billing, control of payments, withdrawals and reminder creation.
  • Does the company have a bearing, so could the warehouse management and control a priority of his office clerk. Inventory and statistics included.
  • Furthermore, increases in some points of shopping with belong to the remit of an office clerk.

Post The Letter of motivation

  • The cover letter should be provided with the correct address and date. In addition, no longer than one page.
  • A good cover letter is like a letter also - well organized. Subject line, Salutation, paragraphs and trailer are also something for the eye.
  • In the beginning you should equal a small lead story that inspires the more Post. This could be one of your skills or simply the fact that you are already well informed about the company. An example: "I know how important is just in building a good organization, I let myself be additionally trained in scheduling and organization."
  • In the central part of the motivation letter you should go "all the stops". Praise yourself and your abilities (especially those that are important for this exercise). Always observe a polite tone. Example: "During my training, I have noticed that I particularly management issues such as warehousing and inventory control at heart so I've always been a numbers man why me are also issues such as accounting, controlling and financial accounting very..."
  • The final part can again be a small summary of motivation why you actually want exactly in this company. Also remember phrases like: "About a personal meeting with you I would be very happy" "Sincerely" or

Conclusion: The daily work of an office clerk is very diverse and exciting. A cover letter should reflect the enthusiasm for the job or its responsibilities.

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