Mouthwash selbermachen - a recipe with Tea Tree Oil

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Mouthwash selbermachen - a recipe with Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is suitable for mouthwash preparation.

Natural Care with Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is extracted from a tree that was many years ago discovered in Australia, hence the name "Australian tea tree oil". You should look for when buying of oil on which it has a terpineol level which is below 4% and a terpinene-4-ol content above 35%. For most genuine Australian oils which is the default value, so they can be sold at all.

  • This wonder oil has been used to combat severe diseases because of its strong antibiotic effect of Australian soldiers before the invention of penicillin. When, eventually, the penicillin was discovered, the tea tree oil was increasingly forgotten.
  • Today, it still belongs in Australia almost every medicine cabinet, since, in contrast to chemical antibiotics has no side effects. Tea tree oil is not toxic and is diluted by connoisseurs even in tea or oil ingested in small amounts. There is likely, however, is important to maintain an accurate dosage, is warned by the manufacturers prior to ingestion.
  • In the mouthwash you should not exceed the recommended dosage. However, because as mentioned above to be nontoxic, you can use it without hesitation.

make mouth water just by you

There are several ways to make a mouthwash with tea tree oil itself.

  • You can make this with water or tea.
  • Even water with a pinch of sea salt acts excellently in bacterial inflammation of the mouth and throat. The salt softens the skin a little, so that the oil can penetrate better.
  • A gentler variation with chamomile tea. This acts on its own already slightly antiseptic and soothes inflamed skin.
  • For daily cleaning or infections but also simple boiled water is ideal.

Recipe suggestion for a mouthwash

  1. Boil the water briefly and allow it to cool.
  2. Instead boiled water, you can use fresh sparkling water or soda water, without it boil before.
  3. As mentioned above, you can also use chamomile tea, let it cool before mixing well until.
  4. Give water or tea in a glass jar and add the tea tree oil added, depending on how strong you want the mixture.
  5. Screw the lid on the jar and shake it vigorously for about 10 seconds.
  6. Take a sip in the mouth and rinse for 30 seconds or so.
  7. Spit the solution then. If you accidentally swallow some of it, which is completely harmless at this dose.
  8. Repeat the rinsing at least three, better four times in succession.
  9. If necessary, rinse two to four times a day, each about two minutes long. After three days, it should go your mouth a lot better.
  10. Also a sore throat can be treated in this way, but you should gargle with mouthwash.
  11. Here, a combination of salt is even better. For this variant loosen addition to the salt in the water with.
  12. Consume the mixture as possible in one day, because the essential oil does not remain much longer in the water obtained as 24 hours. Ask the mouthwash as needed always fresh ago.
  13. Pure Tea Tree Oil adheres in a dark bottle at below 25 degrees for several years.

Now you can make your own mouthwash by you. If your symptoms do not improve within a few days, looking for your own safety a doctor.

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