MRSA infection - Find out more about the hospital bug

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MRSA infection - Find out more about the hospital bug

In operations, the risk of infection increases.

Many people carry MRSA in itself

  • MRSA is the acronym for the difficult to pronounce name "methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains".
  • The same agent describes the acronym ORSA. While MRSA, the antibiotic methicillin is named, the first letter O comes at ORSA from drug oxacillin, which is approved in Europe. Written out it would mean in this case "oxacillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus strains".
  • Staphylococcus aureus are bacteria that colonize the mucosa in many healthy people. Since up to 30 percent of people harbor this bacterium, it is highly likely that you are carriers.
  • In most cases, however, this is never a problem. Dangerous it may be, if your immune system is weakened so much that the infection can spread. Then, for example, can be the result of a strong lung inflammation.
  • Work in the medical field or had hospitalization, which lasted more than 24 hours is, when you also increases the risk that an infection occurs. This applies also if you had in the last six months to take antibiotics, are in need of care, wear a catheter, need for dialysis or suffering from open wounds.

Infection in hospital

  • Since the bacteria have now formed to many antibiotics resistance, infections are often difficult to treat.
  • A place where many of these pathogens and people meet with a weakened immune system, is the hospital. Thus, MRSA does not spread as possible, hospitals now have accurate typically hygiene standards, a hygiene officer or even a hygiene department.
  • If you vorbesteht hospitalization and allow to pick a hospital, inform yourself by the standards of hygiene in the corresponding house.
  • Make your stay that both in the hallways and in the sickroom dispensers are mounted with disinfectants beside the door. If the physician to visit or change a nurse with you a bandage, it should previously have disinfected their hands to transmit any pathogens and prevent infection.
  • However, the risk is relatively low that you get infected. These other factors have to come together; inter alia, a more intense and / or frequent contact with skin, which is colonized with MRSA.
  • Animated visit, which is healthy, it is very rare that this infects itself. Pregnant women should however precaution refrain from visiting if it is not to a designated pathogen free hospital.
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